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COMUNICAR: integrated on-vehicle human machine interface designed to avoid driver information overload 1-gen-2002 Montanari, R; Wenzel, G; Mattes, S; Kuhn, F; Bellotti, F; Morreale, D.
Dynamic Information Management for Advanced In-Vehicle Human Machine Communication 1-gen-2002 Mariani, Michele; Montanari, Roberto
COMUNICAR: Subjective Mental Effort when driving with an Information Management System 1-gen-2003 Hoedemaker, M; Schindhelm, R; Gelau, C; Bellotti, F; Amditis, A; Montanari, R; Mattes, S
Development of a design pattern methodology for the automotive info-telematic system user interface. 1-gen-2003 Montanari, R; Fantuzzi, C; Marzani, S; Pratesi, M.
In-Car Machine-Human Interaction: how the new vehicle technologies which respond to the vehicles needs could match with the user-centered approach and contribute to shape a user-centered design approach 1-gen-2004 Montanari, R; Tango, F
Modelling traffic and real situation 1-gen-2005 Tango, F; Montanari, R
In-Car Machine-Human Interaction: How to couple vehicle technologies with User-Centered Design 1-gen-2005 Cacciabue, P C; Tango, F; Montanari, R
COMUNICAR: designing a multimedia, context-aware human-machine interface for cars 1-gen-2005 Bellotti, F; De Gloria, A; Montanari, R; Dosio, N; Morreale, D
Human Vehicle Context-Aware Communication Multidisciplinary Approach Needs and Requirements 1-gen-2005 Damiani, S.; Deregibus, E; Morreale, D; Montanari, R
SAFEMAP: gestione del rischio in ambienti industriali 1-gen-2006 Montanari, R; Gentile, F; Canovi, L; Marzani, S
Human Factors in off-highway vehicles - Design and prototyping of a control and information visualization system 1-gen-2006 Tesauri, F.; Iani, C.; Mariani, M.; Rubichi, S. Marzani S.; Montanari, R
Safety and System Integrity of Isobus Applications for Agricultural Machine Control System (AMCS) 1-gen-2006 M, Ruggeri; S, Marzani; C, Fantuzzi; Montanari, R
Heading e Under-heading. Il fattore umano nella progettazione degli allarmi. Un confronto tra dispositivi biomedicali a automotive 1-gen-2006 Montanari, R; Gentile, F; Marzani, S; Tesauri, F
Shaping the drivers' interaction: how the new vehicle systems match the technological requirements and the human needs 1-gen-2006 Tango, F; Montanari, R
Between coherence and specificity. How to maintain the usability when users access to a web sites from a PDA 1-gen-2006 Tesauri, F; Montanari, R; Marzani, S; Deregibus, E
Risk perception in the automobile context: a comparative study about the way two different cultural groups interact with mobiles (phone). In the Proceedings of the CHI Italy 2007, Padova 1-gen-2007 Picchetti, G; Montanari, R
User Centred Design Approach in the development of a medical embedded display system 1-gen-2007 Marzani, S; Eetzler, L; Montanari, R; Tesauri, F; Tanassi, C; Foracchia, M; Canovi, L
User Centered Instruction: usability Applied to Technical Writing 1-gen-2007 Bertolo, A; Calefato, C; Montanari, R
Present and Future of Simulation Traffic Models 1-gen-2007 Montanari, R; Tango, F; Marzani, S
Method to select the best software tool for the development of an HMI virtual prototype 1-gen-2007 Minin, L; Montanari, R; Marzani, S; Tesauri, F; Canovi, L
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